Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Skin care Beauty Blog ~ Stem Cell Therapy

Primary: Stem Cell Therapy ~ is an advance Topical Treatment it works to help protect your skins natural skin elements from the signs of premature aging.
Helps support your skin natural cell turn over it will give u a brand new complexion.

Skin's natural cell turnover rate or Cell renewal factor (CRF)

Stem Cell Therapy combines with advance Cosmeceuticals with 8 other powerful (Clinically proven ingredients)

With your skins natural turn over process older skin cells are replaced with younger skin cells.
With Stem Cell Therapy your complexion will be completely restored about every 20 days.

Cell Tech Research inspires a revolutionary innovation for younger looking skin.

Cells need these important elements to survive:

Benefits: Helps the appearance of new younger looking skin with many benefits to help increase your skin's elasticity and firmness.

Decreases visible fine lines, wrinkles, lift sagging, crows feet, lip lines and other skin rejuvenating areas of the skin.

*Protects and Prevents skin cell degeneration.
*Moisturisers and Improves the skins feel.
*Helps smooth skin tone and even out blemishes and pigmentation.

Also incorporating this with your skin care routine will also help your skin and the effects from all natural elements.

Review: Here is a little review on what this product has done to benefit and improve my skins elasticity, feel and firmness and seeing great results to my skins over all appearance.

Since starting this 13 days ago today i've noticed the sagging has lifted and the puffiness around my eyes have decreased literally.

Within in a few days my skin started to see improvement in the moisture levels that were deprived now are gradually building up to its natural state of moisture.

My skin is soft and the areas of my skin i've been applying this product and it has dramatically improved (each day).

Retaining a regular daily skin care routine will also help your skin from losing its glow and you will also see improvements in the pigmentation to the structure and surface of your skin and also the feel and look.

Applying these products on a daily or whenever u feel ur skin needs it will help u re-nourish ur skin.

Skin care and health is very important it does not just help maintain great skin also helps your confidence.

I encourage you to frequently have your skin checked for any skin problems ~ irritation and any abnormalities to your skin always be mindful of reactions/allergies to treatments and your own skin u will know what is best for u. (Skin Analysis)

If u would like to ask me anything else about my own review on this product feel free :)
hope u enjoyed reading this!

There is a lot of clinical names used but i've tried my best to put it in a way u can understand it if your not sure u can always Google or use Wikipedia or even me as i do have most terms and meanings listed in my course study i'm currently undertaking.

As a student Re: Diploma of Beauty Therapy im learning a lot more as i go most of the work i'm doing on the skin and its structure and all sorts of treatments. so this is a learning experience for me and and i will be incorporating these into my work and also will continue using these products its working wonders... cant wait to see what it does more to help. Always willing to try new things.

Here is a link below if u are interested in reading more or even giving this a go to be honest u wont be disappointed i can tell u that since using it my self its proven a lot to me and its doing wonders for my skin :)

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