Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Slim,Stylish and Easy To Use It's Everything You Need and More!

i found this video on the samsung omnia 900i gives u more detail on the additional features>> i will post a qik short video on my new phone when i get it but for now here is one ive found :D

This phone comes in a few colours red and black im looking at getting the red one since im still waiting for the IPHONE 3G S to hit australia but i have to say this is the next best to the blackberry bold 9000 which i currently have and of course the iphone which im yet to get :D

There is so many features on the NEW Samsung omnia 900i such as : click the tabs below to be redirected to the details of each application! starting from Touch to additional features :) Better still just click on the first tab TOUCH and it will take u to the official site for samsung and u can see more about it there >>
Touch, type and write
You can hear them and see them
Messages in picture or text
Shoot, upload and send & receive high quality photos
Keep in touch on the go
View, edit and resend your documents
Surf the net
View all applications in portrait or landscape
Never get lost again
Music in multiformat that even records radio
Store heaps of your favourite tracks and memories
A movie maker's dream
Share files between your mobile, TV and PC
Turn your phone into a personal accessory
Turn business cards into key contacts
Shhh.. I'm in a meeting
What more do I need to know?

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My favourite would have to be the widget app > with the widgets that comes with the samsung
omina you can now personalize ur phone and the desktop making it ur own. Access exclusive Samsung widgets from the side menu button on the phone's touch screen for easier more convenient access,place any widgets you wish including ur favourite apps such as music,videos,twitter,facebook,myspace,internet,games,fm Radio and more onto the desktop!

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~Please leave ur comments and feedback thanks :) if any of u have one i would love to hear more on what you think about this phone even if you are intending to buy one im getting mine delivered on the 24th of june wednesday next week looking forward to getting it!! :D


  1. ive decided im getting the iphone instead and when it comes ill be sure to blog on it and show u wat apps im gonna use and more :D


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