Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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thanks ... :)

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twitter survey :D Wat Do You Like Most About Twitter and Social Networking??

Hi ive been thinking of a few topics and surveys for my blog and here is one i would like to share and ask if u would like to participate and send me ur comments and give me ur feedback i will post ur comments in another blog thanks ....i think surveys are frustrating in some ways depends on wat the surveys consist of either way im always willing to participate in a few...

Here is my 1st im trying to think of another few for it but for now here goes!!

* What Do You Like Most About Twitter And Social Networking??

What I Like Most About Twitter And Social Networking Is...

My Answer: i joined twitter a few years ago ive tried other social networking sites and blog sites and till i found twitter i wasnt really interested in building a social network and also a blog as but now TWITTER has gave me a reboot knowing i can do updates weather im at home on the road at the beach or anywhere i can use the twitter tool on my blackberry bold 9000 TWITTERBERRY to update my friends and my tweets with what i am doing? the more i see good reports on how TWITTER has become one of the most popular and well known site worldwide.... i <3 TWITTER
Social networking is important to help build friendships keep in touch with today news and What my TWITTERS are doing :D its good to know when someone is making time out of there day to update us and i thankyou from all of us for sharing some of ur day with us on such a great network

i will make another blog of all ur comments and feedback much appreciated have a gr8 week!!

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Monday, February 16, 2009

mmm chocolate :P

Does everyone agree?? lol i had to get this fridge magnet when i seen its so me lmao me love chocolate :p

these are some more of my logos/tags that ive made ive got alot more to come but these have to be my favs especially the neon tiger so cute and such a great effect to :D if any of u would like to know how to make them feel free to ask and ill send the link if i can as its on me blackberry but for sure i can copy it here for u to have a go and see wat ones ya think will suit u...

take it easy be back with more soon!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Neon Dragon!!

i made this tag for my son liam and i i think the effects and neon dragon look awesome :D

Boo I C U................:P


Local Surf Report

Byron Bay,Ballina,nsw aus sunday, 06:37, 2-3ft ESE swell 11.3s, Mod, W wind Cross-Shore,
Windblown, L 8:10am & 08:16pm H 13:59am & 13:56pm, WTp 20c

Score 6/10

Saturday, February 14, 2009

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my twitpic updates!!

which tag to use as my banner or logo!!

trying to decide which tag to use for a banner/logo for my ustream and other apps this one is on me twitter so im thinking of using another one but dont get me wrong this is good me like it coz me made it lmao :D i think the other tag is coolies nice reflection and colours

Be back with more shortly... :D

My Review On The Blackberry Bold 9000

since purchasing a blackberry bold 9000 late December 2008!!:D

ive found most applications are easy to upload and download with some glitches including app download size and pictures and adding themes for ya homescreen and videos from different sites
takes up alot of room im looking into buying a bigger mirco memory card for my blackberry as some of the downloads are incompatible with blackberry or it comes up as insufficent space to upload so that why im looking to get more space and more apps eventually ive looked at getting an iphone but since having my blackberry i dont see my
difference only that mine has a keyboard and the iphone has the touchscreen/keypads,
otherwise all good im happy with my purchase :D

i give my thumbs up!!

Score 9/10

I've had heaps of comments on how big my phone/pc in one is but its so compact and yet has
so much including wifi and bluetooth......

my lovely home cooked baked meal :P

webcam i scored on ebay :D

not sure why its coming up with to pics the pic i have in an animated one shows ya how the cams moves when its on lets see how it works :D let me know what ya see chars

recent posts from my twitter :D

thought i would add a few more widgets including my twitter one as im most likely to twitter everyday as much as i can to keep and stay in touch with my friends and everything going on in todays news etc :D

Friday, February 13, 2009

...one of my youtube videos!!

**Happy Valentines Weekend**Welcome To My First Blog ........:D

Hi my name is kirsty aka seventysangel75 and im also known by seventysangel on myspace.com im from australia right on the north nsw just near byron bay,
i enjoy surfing, art work :arcylics,oils,mosaics,charcoal,oil pastels,graphite pencils and also jewellery designing and occasionally i do a bit of web design for my site @ www.tiptopwebsite.com/seventysangel i love the great outdoors surfing is my passion and surfing tha net is a great hobby for research meeting new friends and staying in touch with friends,todays news etc....

I also have a ustream.tv/channel @ www.ustream.tv/channel/seventysangels-show i dont stream much my stream is for showing my art work, jewellery designing,also chatting to
other streamers and people all across tha globe :D

STAY TUNED FOR MORE *Have A Gr8 Weekend!!

*Follow me @ Twitter: www.twitter.com/seventysangel75
**Myspace @ www.myspace.com/seventysangel
*** My Site @ www.tiptopwebsite.com/seventysangel

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