Tuesday, February 17, 2009

twitter survey :D Wat Do You Like Most About Twitter and Social Networking??

Hi ive been thinking of a few topics and surveys for my blog and here is one i would like to share and ask if u would like to participate and send me ur comments and give me ur feedback i will post ur comments in another blog thanks ....i think surveys are frustrating in some ways depends on wat the surveys consist of either way im always willing to participate in a few...

Here is my 1st im trying to think of another few for it but for now here goes!!

* What Do You Like Most About Twitter And Social Networking??

What I Like Most About Twitter And Social Networking Is...

My Answer: i joined twitter a few years ago ive tried other social networking sites and blog sites and till i found twitter i wasnt really interested in building a social network and also a blog as but now TWITTER has gave me a reboot knowing i can do updates weather im at home on the road at the beach or anywhere i can use the twitter tool on my blackberry bold 9000 TWITTERBERRY to update my friends and my tweets with what i am doing? the more i see good reports on how TWITTER has become one of the most popular and well known site worldwide.... i <3 TWITTER
Social networking is important to help build friendships keep in touch with today news and What my TWITTERS are doing :D its good to know when someone is making time out of there day to update us and i thankyou from all of us for sharing some of ur day with us on such a great network

i will make another blog of all ur comments and feedback much appreciated have a gr8 week!!

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  1. also have a comment on the blog below this one
    thanks @Tootsie1 :D


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