Wednesday, March 27, 2013

** Sexy scents to spice up your life with Bath and Body Works**


As you can see above there are 3 *Fine Fragrances mists* ~ i really love these they have a really nice fragrance and last all day/night with minimal application. At present i am using the Wild Berry Tulip Fragrance mist and i have to say i definitely am really loving this one….. they are from the *Signature Collection* i am sure they will last for some time the other two are *Wild Peach Poppies* They are for sure refreshing on my skin…. i do have a reaction to most fragranced products, but these are great for me they do the opposite no reaction whatsoever which is a big plus.


Pic Above from top to left then to right ~ (Burning time 30-45 Hours) ~ *3 Wick Scented Candles*

*Japanese Cherry Blossom* ~  This one is a Rare Japanese Cherry Blossom with Asian pear, mimosa petals and Cedarwood ~ i am currently burning this and its such a nice scent it really brings out the fragrance all through my house

*Honey Suckle* ~ The Scent of early spring contained in a blend of sweet honey suckle, pink peony and freesia with a touch of creamy vanilla ~ This one is has a really beautiful relaxing scent and really has a strong fragrance to it.

*Peach Bellini* ~ A shimmering blend of white peach, sweet orange peel, yellow mandarin and jasmine with a pop of sweet blackcurrant that sparkles as bright as the sun. i am yet to use it just opening the lid it smells so sweet and really lovely sweet scent.


* Market Peach* ~ *1 Wick Scented Candle*  ~ Fresh from stand peaches strike a juicy note in a blend of vanilla featuring hints of citrus and raspberry ~ i have to say this one is very strong and does smell so fresh its a lovely scent. i cant wait to burn it soon really love this the candle above came with a neat little bag the pic is shown below




Above is a super nice colourful water proof bag i am sure i will use it a lot even just going down town its feels very durable and will last a long time i love the colours.

i also got a coupon/voucher to use and it will save me 20% of an entire purchase whether in store or online i will definitely use it before it expires :)

A Question for you what is your most favourite candle scent(s)??

************** Message to the Sender ~ Thank you so much for sending these for an early birthday gift i was so excited to receive them   **Huge (((hugs))  <3  xxoo ** you are the best love you lots **************

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If you would like to check out their website the link is below they have a lot on there :)

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