Tuesday, October 4, 2011

**Natural Looking-Gel Nails-Tips**

Gel Nails

Gel Nails are a great non toxic way to do your own nails
Gel Nails are fake nails used to apply over the existing nail.
Light cured gel nails are hardened by placing your fingers under an ultra-violet light for approximately 2 minutes.

Once the gel is applied to the nail, it is then cured under a UV light to harden the gel.
Gel can be applied to the nail bed or can be used with a nail tip or nail form to extend the length of the nail.
Gel nails you can paint, wear french tips and airbrush designs on your gel nails
Colours you do use on a regular basis or even try something new :)
Even having a clear gloss,finish without any colour has a vibrant look.
The biggest advantage gel nails have is that they look a lot like natural nails.
They are thin and flexible, with a glossy appearance.
There are many brands and different ranges of nail polish's,creative nail art pens,stickers and more
You can find them at your local Beauty Retailers,Nail Salons,Priceline,Safeway,Online-Ebay.....

They can be worn long or short what you desire. Also applying nail art gives it more of an appearance go with what you decide....This time i'm going for more of a natural realistic look with light colours and a few designs and you can choose to go with the latest colours and designs and change to match your outfits or even seasonal colours its up to you.:)

For me This pic is more of a rounded shape and and the shape i will be doing looking forward to seeing the how it turns out i'll be sure to post a few pics new blog post.
Till then Take care and thanks for taking the time to view this post and be sure to check out my other posts too xx

P.S Here's a site i just found has a lot of Info regarding Gel Nails-Guide


  1. I enjoyed also how you took photos of all the products that you are using very informative :) I will check your blog regularly so i can keep updatedon the new products you will be using for your beauty & manacuring Etc... Very nicely done the whole Blog looks fantastic!!! too... :)

  2. See now that is the shape I like for nail. The rounded corners and semi-straight-accross tips.


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