Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Review On The Blackberry Bold 9000

since purchasing a blackberry bold 9000 late December 2008!!:D

ive found most applications are easy to upload and download with some glitches including app download size and pictures and adding themes for ya homescreen and videos from different sites
takes up alot of room im looking into buying a bigger mirco memory card for my blackberry as some of the downloads are incompatible with blackberry or it comes up as insufficent space to upload so that why im looking to get more space and more apps eventually ive looked at getting an iphone but since having my blackberry i dont see my
difference only that mine has a keyboard and the iphone has the touchscreen/keypads,
otherwise all good im happy with my purchase :D

i give my thumbs up!!

Score 9/10

I've had heaps of comments on how big my phone/pc in one is but its so compact and yet has
so much including wifi and bluetooth......

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