Tuesday, June 9, 2009

my domain page @ www.kirstysurfing.net

thanks to @anmjoven~ @techconclave @tophosting for this :)
below is a short qik video ive taken to show you the intro to my domain and im working on making it very user friendly check it out :)
@ www.kirstysurfing.net and u can visit john~
~@techconclave ~ www.techconclave.com
and also @ tophosting ~www.tophosting.centre.com
and also follow them @ twitter i hope to make something from this domain thanks again XX

http://qik.com/video/1807325 @ www.qik.com/seventysangel

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  1. :)love this is so cute :) ~ blogger chick buttton from http://bit.ly/Hrjsl


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